Getting married is not something that you do every day. In fact, for many of you this is your first time so it makes sense to have a lot of questions about the process.

Below are the answers to common FAQs (frequently asked questions we get.)
Are The Ceremonies Personal or Scripted?

We love what we do and because each is special and unqiue we want to create a ceremony that is just like the two of you. We don’t make it very hard… we just ask a couple of questions to get to know the two of you and your beautiful story and with that we are able to craft a ceremony specific for you.

What is The Difference Between a Standard Wedding and Intimate Ceremony?

This is a common faq. The main difference between a standard ceremony and an intimate ceremony is that in a standard ceremony you are using multiple vendors for your event. We will coordinate with your planner, DJ, photographer, and others to be one of many pieces that make up your special day.

With an intimate ceremony it is generally a small close group (under 20 people) of friends and family that is more like an elopement. We have many destinations weddings that opt to have a nice intimate ceremony right on the beach.

When it comes to how spiritual you would like your wedding to be we do not discriminate against people with different background or spiritual beliefs. As licensed ministers we have the credibility to help make your ceremony as religious as you would like. In the end we know that you are going to have a diverse group of people atteneding and we want to be able to include all of them.

Do We Get To Help Create The Ceremony?

This is a common question I we understand why you are asking. You don’t know us very well but you are trusting us to help make your day special for the two of you. To help create the best possible ceremony we really need your input. Your story, your engagement, your special moments are very important to creating that personalized ceremony.

Most ceremonies will last about 20 minutes. If you plan 30 minutes to have your team entire the ceremony, finish the ceremony, and do some high-fives afterwards you will be in great shape.

How Do The Vows Work? Can We Make Them Personal?

Generally, there are two sets of vows; one set that is the traditional “I DO” vow, and the other that is the ring vow. Many couples today like the idea of creating their own personal letter or vows to each other. We have a special method that will help you should you choose to write your own vows.

When a couple writes their own vows it will generally take the place of the standard “I DO” vows. Sometimes couples will do all three, but most of the time it will replace the “I DO” vows.

What is Your Background?

We have over 30 years of experience performing weddings. Combined we have done over 1500+ weddings. We are all pastors, some of us for nearly 30 years. We love to help create a ceremony that is casual and fun yet intimate and sincere. To make this happen takes balance for sure. We do the same thing with what we wear; we are not too formal yet we look sharp. We do not feel comfortable in a robe or a special outfit, but we do want to look sharp and fit into your ceremony.

We would encourage you to check out our hundreds of 5-Star reviews on Weddingwire, The Knot, Google Local Business, and even Yelp. We love what we do and it shows.

How Does The Marriage License Work?

Another common faq; we have a page dedicated to getting your marriage license so for more details please feel free to check out that page. In short, the two of you need to appear together with a picture ID in a county recorder’s office anywhere in the state of California. It does not have to be in San Diego.

The license is good for (90) days so we encourage couples about (30) days before their big day to call in and schedule their marriage license appointment. Once there the staff will be able to give you more info and details about your next steps. Our job as officiants is to complete our portion of the license and have the witnesses sign their portion. As part of our service will be turn in the license for you if you wish. All you have to do is bring it with you to the ceremony and we will take care of the rest!

Do You Go To The Rehearsal?

We generally do not attend the rehearsal. If we do there is a $250 charge. If you have a wedding coordinator chances are we will not bring as much value to the rehearsal as they will. We encourage couples to save their money for other aspects of their wedding. If you do not have a wedding coordinator you may want to consider us being at your rehearsal and helping lead your family and friends in rehearsing for your ceremony.

(We can only schedule a rehearsal if we do not have any prior wedding commitments scheduled.)

Is Premarital Counseling Required?

We do not require premarital counseling although we always encourage it. There is nothing like having tools in your marriage toolbelt all ready to go when times get tough and you have to work things out. We offer our sessions at $125/session and most of the time the couple will have two sessions. We have great content that many of the couples that have chosen the path of premarital counseling never regret it.

I Like What I am Reading... How Do I Start?

Your next step is to Save Your Date. It is a form on this website that asks for your basic info and the basic info of the event so that we are all on the same page. Once you complete that page it will take you to another page where you can make a 25% of the total package as a reservation fee to save your date and time.

If you have already completed this page then you can go straight to the page where you can make your 25% reservation fee to lock in your date and time. The balance is not due until a week or so before the ceremony. You can always make a balance payment here.


Is there a list of the beaches require a permit?

Most of the beaches in Southern California require a permit from the city where the beach is located. Each city has its own requirements and price for the permit. For most cities they only offer one permit a day. There are times when you can have an event and do not need to get the permit. We can help you figure out if the circumstance can apply to you.

Do you have pictures of the decorated arches you have done in the past?

You can find a few pictures of the different arches we have and how they are decorated on our beach wedding page. We have a couple of different options for our arches – our traditional white, and bamboo. The bamboo arch can only be used in the sand at a beach wedding.

Can I choose the type of flowers for the decorations?

The complete beach wedding package comes with roses as the base flower. You can chose the color of rose. There are options to upgrade to other flowers, however, some flowers and the amount of flowers may increase the price.

Is there a certain time of day that is best for pictures?

There is no real “better” time to for pictures when it comes to a wedding. When there are clouds and no direct sun that does make for better lighting. Many couples like the “golden” hour which is the generally one hour before sunset. In a nutshell, our photographers can make any time of the day look good for your wedding.

Do you play music before and after the ceremony?

For your music we ask to get a couple of songs from you. One for your song that you will walk down for the processional, and another when you leave the ceremony or recessional. We like to play music 15-20 minutes before the ceremony start time to set the mood for your guests. After the wedding we turn off the music because you are taking pictures and it is hard to hear the photographer with the music playing and the waves crashing.