Traditional weddings are expensive and can take up to a year to plan, which is why we created our complete beach wedding package. For under $2200 you can have that intimate beach wedding that you dreamed. We have done hundreds of intimate ceremonies, and we learned from our couples that they would love to have had the opportunity to have chairs, an arch, and special music for the bride as she walked down the aisle.

We knew we could make this a reality for future couples. So we put together an affordable beach wedding package that can make this a reality for you. You are able to get the music you want, decorated chairs, the ceremony arch, and flowers to help make the day even more beautiful. Of course, you get the essentials as well with the photographer and licensed officiant. You can always follow us on Instagram and get a feel of some of the weddings we have done.

One of our most popular upgrades is our sunset wedding. This is an added cost.


$2195 Includes


This is a licensed / ordained officiant that will help you plan your ceremony and officiate on your big day.


One photographer for (1) hours for the duration of the ceremony and after ceremony photos with friends & family.


You get up to 30 decorated aisle chairs for your guests. If you have over 30 guests, you will be upgraded to the Complete Beach Deluxe Package. (See the details below and learn about all of other benefits that come with the Deluxe Package).

Wedding Arch

This also comes with an arch for your ceremony that can be decorated with drapes and special flowers arrangements.


Round Table

This is perfect to place behind the officiant to use for any special unity ceremonies that you may want to do.

Music With PA

You get to pick your own music that you want to begin and end the ceremony. This comes with a mic for all to hear and PA.


Make your ceremony look gorgeous with aisle flower decor and  ceremony arch. 



Some locations require permits. There is no way around it. For an added fee of $200 we can get them for you.


We have many locations to choose from, but here are our favorites…

Courtesy of TimeCode Media


If you are the couple that wants to have their toes in the sand or be right next to the ocean water, then the beaches in south La Jolla are perfect for you. La Jolla boasts some of the best beaches in all of San Diego if not southern California, so we love to have weddings here. Being local San Diego natives, we know some of the more “private” spots as well that work great for weddings. The topography at these locations helps create amazing ceremonies and dramatic photos. You do have to be aware of the tides because the beaches are small. No worries though… if the tide is too high for a sand wedding the large flat rocks work perfectly for a nice intimate ceremony. The attached video shows what can happen on the rocks in case the tide gets too high. The pictures on this page also show being on the rocks and having 30 chairs set up for a beautiful renewal of vows that we did. This location also offers a reception option as well if you are interested.

Let us know if this is the best location for you.

Courtesy of Willmus Weddings


Maybe you are the kind of couple that wants to have a beautiful ocean view but do not want to have the ocean so close and personal. If this is you, Sunset Cliffs is the perfect place to have your wedding ceremony. Sunset Cliffs is located in Ocean Beach area or on the west side of Point Loma. Here is the extent of the cliff almost 100’ above the ocean and has a beautiful golden sunset color to them. Here the surface is flat and hard and is ADA accessible if some of your guests need a little help getting to the ceremony location. While not directly next to the ocean the views are amazing, and this location makes for a wonderful wedding ceremony.

Let us know if this is the best location for you.


We have had many couples ask about having their wedding on grass or something with firm ground to walk on, and still have water in the background. This is where Sunset Point is perfect. This grassy location is easy to get to, nearby parking lot, and is ADA accessible. Of course, Mission Bay provides a gorgeous backdrop for your ceremony. This popular location provides for a more traditional kind of ceremony.

Let us know if this is the best location for you.

Sand or Flat Rock?

When it comes to beach weddings nature is not predictable. It is amazing and dramatic, but not predictable. Some of our favorite beaches can change from week to week, sometimes even day to day. There is also the level of high tide which will many times dictate where you can have your wedding. When the tide is really high Flat Rock becomes a great option for your beach wedding. With that said we wanted to show you a couple of different ways to have a great beach wedding whether is it on the sand or the big flat rocks, your wedding ceremony can be amazing.


The pictures below show what some of the setups can look like when you have a wedding on the sand.



The pictures below show what some of the setups can look like when you have a wedding on Flat Rock.