Unity Ceremonies for Beach Weddings

One of the questions that I get a lot is the request for more information or ideas regarding the Unity Ceremony. What is it? Do we have to do it? What are some popular ideas regarding the Unity Ceremony. You can always go here to get more information, but this should get you started

Traditionally the Unity Ceremony was done with candles. At the beginning of the ceremony each mother would light a candle that would stay lit for during the ceremony until the bride and groom would take the candle from their respective mother and light a larger center candle. Once this candle was lit they would blow out the candles that their moms lit and would leave the center Unity Candle lit. This was performed to symbolize the joining together of the two families, and their love for the bride and groom, into one united family that loves the new husband and wife. It would also symbolize the higher priority of commitment to each other as their new family.

In San Diego, or any other outside wedding, candles become impractical really fast. They blow out almost as fast as they can be lit. This has led to many other creative and more practical ideas for the Unity Ceremony. While the Unity Ceremony is not mandatory for a wedding ceremony, it can really add a personal touch to any wedding ceremony. Here are a few of the more popular Unity Ceremonies that are performed today.

Sand Ceremony Unity Ceremony
This is very popular at outdoor and beach weddings. This is also very popular with blended families. This is one of my favorite Unity Ceremonies because it is so visual and you can keep it forever. Great for windy locations, you won’t have to worry about a flame flickering and going out. The bride and groom each have their own color sand which is then poured together to represent the blending of their two lives. Here are a couple of places to go where you can get colored sand and personalize your containers to make it even more special. There are no rules… mix however you would like!

Time Capsule Unity Ceremony
The time capsule box is meant to be sealed and opened either on an anniversary or during times of hardship. This ceremony is one where you can include best wishes from friends and family, along with sentimental items from the bride and groom’s courtship years. Open the box to reflect on your marriage and then add new items to reseal into a brand new time capsule.

Tree Planting Unity Ceremony
This is popular to bring different soils from their family homes or special places and they are put in glass containers. You will want to purchase the plant or tree that you want to see grow and bloom throughout the years of your marriage together. It is best if this plant or tree is already planted in a pot, and then the bride and groom can add the soil to the potted tree you will be planting in your at home together.

Did you know that the Pomegranate Tree has ancient roots as a universal symbol of life and love?

Wine Ceremony Unity Ceremony
Blend your two lives together as one with this twist on the traditional unity ceremony. Like a good wine, a marriage will only ripen and grow stronger with age. This is a very popular ceremony in the wine country of Temecula and Riverside here in southern California.

In this ceremony, the red wine represents the deep richness of the love in your hearts and the robust energy, which keeps your loving relationship going. The white wine, fermented in oak barrels, represents the strength of a loving marriage and a lingering taste in your soul for the love you feel for each other. Combining the two, creating a rosé, is symbolic of your marriage.

Handfasting | Binding of Hands Unity Ceremony
The Handfasting ceremony is a Celtic custom that dates back centuries and is a historic tradition that is quickly cementing itself into modern wedding day customs. Handfasting or the “Binding of Hands” involves wrapping different colored ribbons into the infinity shape during your wedding vows representing the symbolic union, commitment of marriage, and binding to each other as man and wife.

The Knot Ceremony Unity Ceremony
Tying the knot is very common with military couples. The bride and groom tie a fisherman’s knot as their unity ceremony’s – literally “tying the knot”! The bride and groom, using large colored cords, ties this knot as the officiant reads a commentary. The theme of the commentary is that, like a fisherman’s knot, marriage strengthens and supports the bride and groom through life and, like the knot, their marriage grows stronger under pressure. What makes the fisherman’s knot so practical is that the harder your pull on the to cords the tighter the knot gets!