Congratulations… you’re getting married!! Looking for wedding photography?

You don’t want to go through the stress of planning a big and expensive ceremony. It is important to capture the emotion of this special event to share with your family and friends in the future. Having a photographer is a must even though your wedding ceremony is going to be small. You think that maybe somebody in your family or a close friend will be able to help take pictures of the ceremony for you, but you know that this is such an important event that you want the pictures to be as professional as possible. The search for a photographer to take those special pictures of your intimate wedding ceremony…

It quickly becomes evident that hiring a intimate wedding photographer is expensive. You don’t want to have a big ceremony, but all the quotes you are receiving feel like you are paying for a big wedding photographer. Even paying $700 or $900 seems too much for your intimate wedding. 

At Socal Vows we see this situation all the time and we understand your frustration. We began to network with some professional photographers to help bring affordable professional photography to an intimate wedding setting, and we did it. Now you can have one hour of professional photography for a low price! Below is a list of what is included in that price.

Here is what is included:
• One hour of professional photography
• 15-20 minutes before and after ceremony including ceremony
• Direction of photo shoot of couple, family, and friends
• Approx 21-30 days after ceremony will be the transfer of edited photos in JPG format.

When you go to Save Your Date you can indicate that you would like to have this service for your wedding.r appointment.

IMPORTANT: Because you would be having your intimate ceremony in San Diego you need to get your marriage license from ANY county recorder in the state of California.