San Diego Wedding Officiant Standard Services


Traditional Wedding Ceremony
(Religious and/or Non-Religious)

For many the beginning of the journey into marriage travels through the past by connecting with all or some traditional elements. A beautiful white dress, Pachelbel’s Canon, the giving of the bride, and a unity candle are just some of the elements that a traditional wedding ceremony entails. I will work with the couple to customize the ceremony to their desires and specifications – after all, it is your big day and I am here to serve you!


Modern Wedding Ceremony

While the traditional road is chosen by many, there are others who want a unique and modern experience that may or may not include some of the elements of a traditional ceremony. Many modern day weddings are very creative and memorable! Whether it is on a beach in Cancun, among the red rocks of Sedona, or at a Valley hotspot, these services need to have creative elements to match. I will work with you to create the unique and meaningful ceremony you are looking for.


Civil Wedding Ceremony

There are occasions when budgets, time, or unique circumstances call for a simple, but meaningful ceremony. I have found that couples who want a simple civil ceremony still want something more than a justice of the peace can offer. Whether in a living room, a small meeting space, or a backyard these ceremonies that are short on planning will not be lacking in meaning. I will work together with you to make the most of your special occasion.


Pre-Marital Counseling

The joining of two lives can create challenges in multiple areas. Questions often get overlooked in the engagement period that can become issues once the vows are over. What do we do with our separate bank accounts? What are we going to do for the holidays when both our parents want us to come over at the same time? How are we going to resolve conflict when we disagree? Does the toilet paper roll over the top or from underneath? (over of course!) Sessions for pre-marital counseling could vary from 1 session to as many as desired. I will work to tailor a plan to fit your time frame and your budget.


Renewal Of Vows/Re-Marriage

Significant milestones in marriage are often celebrated with a couple renewing their commitment to each other. There are a variety of meaningful elements to a vow renewal ceremony and I will work with you to ensure the second time around is just as memorable as the first!


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To learn about pricing for the various services listed above, visit the Packages & Prices page. When you are ready to book you can fill out an initial contact form on our Save The Date page. Thanks again for your interest and I look forward to serving you and if you have specific questions feel free to contact me.